Just watched the intern pull a beer from the beer fridge, and it's only 11:15am. What a fucking champion.

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    Not all heros wear capes.
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    If you're not being paid, you gotta take what perks you can!
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    It's 4:36am. I'm installing Ubuntu while drinking Jim Bean zero sugar.

    Kneel before your champion! me 😎
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    When I play games I aim better when I have had a few beers. Never tried programming though.
    Oh wait I have:
    - Few beers led to another few beers
    - In the morning: What the fuck?
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    I'd join his club
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    "The beer fridge": goals
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    We have bar in our company at third floor where you can buy beer whenever the fuck you want.
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    When i was collaborating with some friends i arrived, after hours in traffic, very thirsty at an office of a client/friend.
    I asked for somethink to drink but on the fridge there was only vodka (and it was still morning) but the mood was friendly so who cared,i took at least two glasses of it and i regretted only not taking the full bottle because i had to listen to their requests of a software worth at least 50/100'000€ with a budget of less than 2000€...
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    >buy beer

    hah, we have hard liquors at the office fridge (right above the stacks of beer cans), for anybody to take whenever they see fit.

    An (ex) coworker and I used to both make coffee with liquor on Monday mornings to start the week, as well as take shots of vodka on Friday evenings to end them. If he hadn't burned out and left, we'd still have this little tradition of ours.
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    Hard to hit Ballmers Peak effectively at work if you don't start in the AM 😉
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    No labour law in your country I guess?
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    or just an alcoholic...
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    This kid will go places...
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    He's a keeper 🤣
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    Well if the intern has no salary then he's just maximizing the benefits/perks hehe
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    After watching people's behaviour at my office after having few drinks, I would vote no for any sort of alcohol in office hours.

    PS: I have videos to prove that.
    PPS: I am an alcoholic too.
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