I'm want to hear other Dev's opinions on this week's weekly group rant! Do you find that the "worst projects" are caused the most by:
A) Poor solution design and/or terrible-idea-to-start-with
B) Poor process and/or terrible project management
C) Working with terrible teammates/customers

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    b poor process and terrible management.
    team mates etc can be taught or replaced but a bad process means doom. in my opinion.
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    In my experience it can be a combination of all the above. Fortunately I'm self employed so I project manage and thrash out the spec, brief the design, manage client expectations and do all the fucking leg work as well as building the thing. Things break down when there is bad communication. Sometimes you get the sense the client is a wanker. I have walked away from projects because the client is unreasonable and you don't want to continue the shit storm. Generally though good project management can make it enjoyable to work on. If you don't have that you're pretty much destined to fail.
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    where this thing falls....when can you deliver ....next week possible?
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    When business changes the requirements mid-sprint/project and it clobbers the existing code

    Or we run out of time developing, then we write quick code which works, but is no fun to scale.
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    mostly a and b. my co workers are great!
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    d) working with terrible self
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