Just created my first discord server after seeing so many people from here mention it. The questions I have are, why? What makes it better than say slack or something else? Is it prone to spam or bots? How is it for gaming?

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    It has a lot of gaming integrations and so far i never had a problem with spamming. The API is relatively easy to use and the bot community is usually nice.
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    The target audience are gamers, who don't want to pay for a communication service. Slack is superior in every aspect I can find, except that you need to pay to get infinite message logs.
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    Discord is just like Skype and slack but for gaming. Also, lots of integrations in gaming
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    Slacks backend is poorly written in PHP and their API is as pleasant as crabs from street hookers.
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    I love how its an electron app and eats up ram, but somehow supposed to be ran while gaming
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