Kodi is shit.
And all the other things (which seem to be just kodi with a different ui. All of them) claiming to be "tv box ready" with sentences like "let your smart tv look old": bro if I can't even install fucking netflix alongside youtube with a nice navigation (product native at best), need to use some kind of keyboard because you won't work with my paired aftv remote and get like 4 fps on a fucken raspberry pi.. my smart tv looks like it's from 2075.

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    Running diet-pi here

    With pi-hole and kodi. No lag at all, and works with my tv remote.

    What are you Running? I found open elec to be rubbish.
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    Agreed kodi is garbage... I don't even trust it either with how much its been in the media
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    @neodite yeah openelec was really crappy.
    I thought the recalbox-kodi combination would be sick, so there is actually nothing running next to it. The low fps isn't a persisting thing of course, but they happen so annoyingly sporadic..^^
    And compared to the hardware in a middle-class smarttv, it should run smooth af on a raspi imho..
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    I was so fuckin' tired of all those so called media players that I bought a very compact intel NUC. Put in 4 gb ram, 128 gb ssd, celeron cpu. Works like a charm! I can run kodi, netflix, and much more. Of course just any software the os supports. Works very well with my 4K tv.
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    @CodeMasterAlex well its basically a scam for non techies... My dad bought an android box preloaded with kodi and all the repositories and add ons for 250... I looked at the specs and was like dude this hardware is 60 bucks tops... They basically charged 200 for "labor" of 15 minute software config
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    netflix is not supported on RPi (drm issues linux is too open etc....)

    get and android device (that supports netflix or whatever you like, and HDMI-CEC for your Tv Remote)
    get a modern skin for kodi if you don't like the default)
    add a shortcut to netflix (or any other prime video,hulu, etc..) android app in kodi home tab
    now you can watch all your local movies with kodi and start netflix anytime you want.
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    @shelladdicted thought about that, too. But without kodi. More like having Android running directly on the rpi.
    It's a shame that we have this kind of problems in 2018, not being able to use Netflix on linux.
    I've read about this but ffs how can this be still a recent thing. And how is Android any better so it works on there?
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    It's not for everybody, just get regular cable like my grandparents if it's too much for you.... Takes 5min to set kodi up...
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