A real interaction I just had...

Team Member: "Can you handle this ticket for a bug fix?"

Me: "Whats the problem?"

TM: "We aren't exactly sure..."

Me: "Ok, so can you show it to me?"

TM: "We can't get it to happen again, and when it does the machine freezes and we can't debug it..."

Me: "So, if I find a fix then how do we test to make sure it worked?"

TM: "I'm not sure..."

Then today,

Product Manager: "How's that bug fix going?"

Me: "Well, let's see. The problem still hasn't been defined. I have never been able to recreate the issue. I have a hacky fix in a PR..."

PM: "Great, so we can deploy today?!?"

Me: "No, because we have no way to reproduce or test this issue at all..."

PM: "Do you think your fix will work?"

Me: "Honestly, no. If you're asking for my opinion then you can have it. IMO this is NOT a bug fix but a change to how the system operates altogether. This system was built by someone who didn't know what they are doing. We have done our best with it but it is a house of cards. And now the solution is to replace a card at the bottom layer. It is likely that no matter what fix we do (even when we can fucking test it) that it will topple the house of cards..."

PM: ~Looking at me in disbelief~

Me: "If you ask me for my honest professional opinion then you will get it. Keep that in the future if that honest response was outside what you expected."

PM: "I will do that, thanks for your assessment"

Where do we go from here? God only knows.

Praise Joe Pesci

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    Next time: "won't fix. Cannot reproduce"
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    I would have tell him show me problem first then I can tell something about it
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    @mmcorreia better than the systemd Devs... "Won't fix, not our problem"
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    @seraphimsystems I Fucking hate that type of people.
    My networking teacher is like that as well...
    Students:"Wè have a problem with the Cisco website." *most students had problems with packet tracer incompatibility*
    Teacher:"Please, be quit and try to solve it yourselves. It's not my problem."
    He did that even in an online cisco exam.

    Such an asshole.
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    Can't reproduce won't fix. Two things I don't want to see together ever in my life
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