You can't keep wasting your time on people who do not know what the fuck they want. You could be way more time efficient with serious clients.

*After I have finally deployed the requested features*

Client: Why did it take you two weeks in the end? You said it would take you a couple days.

Me: Because you told me to use my imagination on half of the tasks and you kept wanting me to change what I had created, thus unnecessarily doubling the time it should have taken. Besides that probably the unclear communication and the fact that you rarely called me back after you told me to call you.

Client: So if I tell you, exactly, how I want it next time you'll be able to do it in a couple days?

Me: I'm not sure, that depends on what you want. Tell me, exactly, what you want.

Client: Oh it's not much, I'll let you do your thing for the most.

Me: I can't handle another request, sorry. *Ends call*

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    @Null-Device I usually do this as well, however this ex client isn't living anywhere near me and he sounded reasonable in the beginning. You got to know when to stop though, even if the guy is friendly and pays you your rate.
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    Straight up, had a client do this exact thing. Terrible experience
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    What you have agreed must be followed. It'll pressure you.
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    @Clueless I've done what I've agreed to, I just can't agree to any more things lol
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