Interlude (Break Room)

Me (Lead Developer), HR lady (HR)

Enter stage right ME

Me > "Oh hey HR lady, how was your vacation?"

HR lady > "Well, we didn't end up taking the kids to Disneyland after all."

Me > "What? Why not? Come on, I have to hear this!"

HR lady > "Long story short my husband and I are getting a divorce."

Me > "Oh shi-"

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    Dude, it's fine. How would you possibly know?
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    She probably tried to make her husband and the kids get authorisation for the vacation.
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    The second to worst part: this is now the second time I've had a specific conversation with someone has resulted in this outcome.

    The worst part: the first time it was my parents. Well, maybe.

    Apparently I make a convincing argument against marriage.
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    @Alice your comment is funny but can you please not be discouraging?
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    @YourNemesis I found @Alice 's comment to be funny and not at all discouraging.
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    @Alice maybe I should start a divorce counseling business?
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    @charliefoxtrot If something bad happens to your coworkers every time you talk to them, start talking to only those you dislike 🙂
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    @charliefoxtrot if that’s the case please talk to my parents they are miserable in their marriage but they are both stanch traditionalists and don’t believe in divorce. They only believe in threatening it to the other every single day.
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    Well dang, that escalated quickly.
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    fucking Disneyland. Stressful. don't worry bout it
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    *sitcom theme song intro plays*
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    Well if you look at it from a shrödingers’s cat perspective:
    as long as you don‘t know her relationship state she is both married and not married. As soon as you talk to her and she tells you about the divorce her marriage status changes to not to be married anymore. So in a way (at least from your perspective) you are responsible for the divorce...
    Okay probably I‘m just talking trash xD
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    Best way to avoid unwanted conversations
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