Sorry Google, you got it wrong this time ....

Oh my gosh, look at that function definition ...
Oh my gosh, look at that variable ...
Oh my gosh, look at that zone ...
Oh my gosh, look at that long ...
Oh my gosh, look at that short ...
Oh my gosh, look at that stop ... is more my style.

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    did you actually think the programming language would be prioritised over the song?
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    Google is based off of popular search results. That programming language is not as popular at that song.

    Idk what you were expecting, but try being a bit more pragmatic next time.
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    Sometimes Google’s results are prioritized based off of your search history. So, I could see a case for expecting the programming language. I guess pop culture won, anyway, unfortunately.
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    @jhh2450 I'll become pragmatic when anaconda becomes a programming language, as of now it's not. :)
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    @calmyourtities ICYMI, it's not a programming language.
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    @ZethMatthews I can live with that. :)
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    @jhh2450 ICYMI again, it's a distribution of the programming language, not the language itself.


    It's Friday night, and i'm coding in the language provided by specific distribution.

    So let's not do this.

    Gnt bud.
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    @rant-ninja I get that... Pretty sure they intend Programming Language: as "this is the language it's a distro of."

    Kinda like it includes what languages some things are programmed in. Such as the image below.
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    As easy as
    anaconda -minaj
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