I'm still in denial that Dropbox did 1.1b$ in 2017, cash flow positive. Do they actually even get big clients? It has to be all enterprise, because I highly doubt any consumer actually purchases a Dropbox plan.

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    They are partnered with Blackboard, which may yield a high profit since many colleges use Blackboard. Here's a link to a bit about it (cheers @linuxxx for the link lol)

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    @jhh2450 interesting! Didn't know this. My college just switched from Blackboard to Canvas actually
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    @jdleo A community college I take a few classes at uses Moodle. It's alright.

    Blackboard really needs to fix their mobile site. It's horrendous.
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    I know several clients who freelance who use dropbox for everything.

    I got dropbox myself so I can be part of their workflow.
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    It’s the entities that are already heavily invested in it! That’s what’s keeping Dropbox alive and kicking
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    I always hear about people recommending Dropbox, but never Box anymore... (https://box.com)
    I still have the 50gb bonus from having an iphone 4 lol
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    Honestly I don't see a lot of alternatives to dropbox.
    At least nothing that would be much better(meaning self-hostable in this case).
    Tried owncloud, was a mess. Basic funcionality was buggy as hell
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    I've got a subscription...
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    @DrPitLazarus yeah me too! 😂 Xperia though
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    @jhh2450 Thanks for using it!

    I am wondering how much they make from PRISM integration. Leaked slide shows show that the integration within prism was going to start in 2016,wondering how much they get from that...
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