Tip for devs (esp front end):

Sublime text (and few other inferior editors) has a plugin called "transparency" that allows your editor to be transparent.

Windows 10 powershell consoles can be made transparent.

1) Open browser
2) Open command prompt over it with 75% transparency
3) Open editor over both with 50% transparency.
4) Set editor to fullscreen, no-distraction mode to center the text (Shift+F11 in sublime)

Enjoy coding while constantly viewing the code, the browser and monitoring the cmd prompt at the same time, without having to click Alt+Tab a zillion times.

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    Protip: Use Li... whatever
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    NotSoProtip: Use a second screen!
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    @Alice Livereload helps a lot. You still have to alt-tab to go look at the change, see if it crashed, look at the console, etc. I find this setup good for quickly viewing the console and screen. I don't alt-tab for anything now, other than clicking something or skipping a bad song.
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    Or extra monitor?
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    For u guys using vscode there is a port of the sublime tool but it doesn't work :)
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    Tip for sane people: get a second monitor
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    For those suggesting a second monitor.

    1) Not every individual or workplace can afford one. Some people are beginners and they don't get to make hardware requests.

    2) You can't carry around a second screen to meetings or code on the move.
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    @hashris thank you
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    I have a solution for 2) because I got one of those USB Monitor things so I can work where ever with two monitors as long as my battery lasts.
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    Or just split screen ?
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    Or buy a Mac and use multiple desktops...
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    @chrisrhymes or buy a Mac and Cheese and Enjoy your life
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    @jaydevs yum
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    http://brackets.io has a builtin live preview feature
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    NotSoProTip: Use Cascade window view
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    Today I upvoted, now I'm thanking you after trying it. I hated doing tutorials without my laptop connected to the second screen.

    For those using VSCode, there is an extension called GlassIt-VSC
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    @Phippsaurus Illustrative. Im just starting out with rust. Didn't know it compiles to webassembly..
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    @chrisrhymes or multiple desktops in windows 10... or decent Linux distros. Eh different strokes for different folks
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