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    Lol imagine being code reviewed by a deep net
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    @josephch405 >Literally everything is wrong and can be replaced by one function

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    Ah, it is the future for all of us....

    Why does an AI need to write code, surely it would just go straight to machine language?
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    But somebody has to write the AI, right ?
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    Write the code
    which writes the code
    which writes the code.

    Go full inception on it.
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    I just wonder if this meme is referring to the "AI" which wrote C code which LOOKED real, but didn't actually compile. And creating "AI" like that is like 10-50 lines of Python and bunch of source code files.
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    There still must be someone to maintain this machine learning algorithm
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    @cervantes01 that's painfull thing to all Developer or a programmers
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    @okkimus a very simple one would take that less.
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    My experimental one has about 45 lines
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