We live in interesting times

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    OMG, please tell me that's from a movie and not an actual "protester".
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    @telephantasm actual protester.. They're fucking nuts man
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    @Hu-bot0x58 HOLY SHIT INDEED
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    Some lady shouted at me the other day. Apparently i was “invading” her space (on a crowded elevator).
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    @progHammer it has no child boards (ram, pci), so it's a child-free (childless is insulting to those who cannot have children, so refrain from using it) parent board, but that's assuming it wants to have children! You cannot know that, so assuming it wanta children is being disrespectful and offensive. It's a personboard, and if you don't realize that you're a boardist, sexist, childphilic, heteronormative pig!


    Yeah these people are FUCKING CRAZY.
    I've had countless people talk to me this way on Tumblr, Facebook, Starbucks, HobbyLobby, conventions, ...

    Friendly reminder that they're all quite mentally ill. (◡‿◡✿)
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    @Root 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I am too sleepy to formulate better my appreciation
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    @Condor did you just assume her gender??? 🤣🤣
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    Did you just imply that all mothers are women 😱😵💀
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    Not only gender!!!! But also the gender role!!!!
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    @Floydian its worse than that. They claim to represent the thought of a whole identity group.

    They claim to speak for all women or transgender or furries or what ever the fucking group they are part of.

    Identity politics is dangerous because the individual will always be wrong in regards to the group.

    So oe every one with a diverging opinion shuts the fuck up because they are worried they will be labeled as haters.
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    I agree with you except for being homophobic about attitude and not sex.

    Homophobic is the fear of homosexuals literally translated but understood today as hating homosexuals. And the word used here is hate not dislike.

    Hate is a very strong word. I dislike how certain people act, i even make fun of them thinking they are ridiculous, but the kind of behaviours i hate is a lot less.

    Anyhow your entitled to hate who you want, but hating for such superficial reasons such as gay behaviour (translated in french sometimes as “une folle” which means crazy woman) is a bit farfetched? (Honest question that is intended to encourage critixal thinking ;))@Floydian
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    As for gender roles. Its a specturm. If you take the average we are all the same but when you take extreme we fit into a certain mold. Ex: on the extreme men are much violent than women. Thats why most people in high security priaon are men. However if you take the average person,the rate is much closer 40-60% (60 being men obviously).
    There is a great dude on the internet about this stuff:

    “jordan Peterson”.

    He da man! (Or person)

    That other thing that bothera me. We are not just persons. We are like fucking oniona with multiple layers. So yes a female pro player that kicks korean males in starvraft 2 is impreasive even more so because she has tits. But that does mean her being a girl is the only thing i respect in her actions-_-.

    This could go on for a loooong time, so many thinga to say
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    @Santaclauze 12 rules of life: antidote to chaos is my bible
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    I ac4ually have not read it. Is that his laatest book?@rigoymoi182
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    @Santaclauze yeah latest book! You should check it out
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    @signaleleven did you just assume your own race, gender and sexual orientation?
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    @signaleleven I’m just teasing. The devRant community is awesome and great. I promise you it’s not bad, so you should stay! I’m the one that made this post and I just thought the picture was funny haha unless you use light theme, then you should leave! Jk ;)
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    @signaleleven you are free to express your opinion, as everyone else. I don't understand why you get scared, the people aren't free to have their own opinions where you live?
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    @signaleleven just saw that you live in Germany, so yeah, the people aren't free to have an opinion there. 😕
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    @superuser is Germany really like that? I have a friend in Canada and he said you can get fined for having your own opinion
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    @signaleleven nice! Welcome to the dark side
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    @signaleleven godwins law has nothing to do with the current policies in Germany.
    Also the only thing that should scare you is the thought police in your country, uk, canada and elsewhere, not someone on the internet who don't like crazy "feminists".
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    @rigoymoi182 its kinda worst I think in Germany.
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    @signaleleven to have which opinion? Did i said something hateful, or anyone else did? Did anyone called for violence against any group of people? Did anyone threatened you or anyone else?
    Simple answer, no.

    You are scared just because someone else has an opinion that you don't like. The worst part is that you don't argue about what is bad about the specific opinion that scared you, but you imply that anything is not "progressive" (like the sexist "feminism" movement) should be unacceptable by the rest of us.
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    I think both of you guys are probably very reasonable and very respectful people, and would get along very well together in any other circumstance. My theory as to why there is a disconnect here is as such:

    One side fears the identity politics and the potential extreme that could be taken with political correctness.

    The other side fears a lack of empathy from folks who might be bigots.

    I think maybe we’d make some progress if we recognized that both sides have noble goals. It’s a good idea to empathize with people from different backgrounds, and to acknowledge that everyone is doing so. And then we can discuss in a friendly and reasonable manner as to why this post modern movement is scary, hopefully without scaring anyone or threatening any group of people.
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    @signaleleven oh, fuck off with your sjw horseshit
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    Why is this tagged as "rant"?
    Please use the correct category...
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    Im curious to know what signal eas talking about :)
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    /r/hgbt in a nutshell
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    @dfox definitely not a rant? Could we maybe request category change maybe if a post gets x requests review and and change category?
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    @jeeper we definitely need a mos & flagging system. The one on SO works pretty well.
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