For strings: single quotes or double quotes?

Which ones do you prefer?

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    In php I prefer double quotes because I'm too lazy to escape strings to concat variables. Bonus: I feel it makes the code more readable (or as readable as my codes get)
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    The same
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    Double quotes since single quotes are for chars in (AFAIK) all compiled languages
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    I try to use whichever occurs less in the actual text I will be using in that app (which I guess mostly applies to front end). So I switch based on content and then get confused when I go back to languages that require double quote 😔
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    'Single' or $mystring$dollar$mystring$ - only possible choices in language I use and I like both. Double quotes are reserved for naming identifiers, sort of like object names.
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    css:after {



    but print("world") - in any other programming/scripting language
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    depends, in some languages single quotes identify a single character and double quotes a string

    char = 'A'
    string = "ABC"
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    Backticks in JS ``
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    " where I can so apostrophes don't cause an error
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    Whichever requires less escaping. Except when they're nested then the preference is just to get it working and move on.
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    Double quotes. Single for single chars.
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    Idgaf. I download the standard style on my editor and set it to prettify on save. Then I type however the heck I feel like that day.

    Usually double quotes though, since it's the standard for strings.
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