when you get downvoted on Stackoverflow...

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    Practically... every time I post a question.
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    Let me down vote this post 😂
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    @randombug nooooooo 😐🔫
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    No matter how hard I try by posting an original question, code samples, and even a plunkr I get downvoted. Wtf. They don't even say "I downvoted you because of this"
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    Here's what you do, you need two accounts. From your main account, post the question. From a secondary account, post a solution that's incorrect or sloppy. At this point the little piece inside every programmer that feels the need to correct things will kick in and everyone will start debating on the best solution.
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    @port22 hey stop posting my secrets 😢
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    Oh that's priceless...
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    @NoNameCode maybe u are so ahead of your time that when an alien race will recover all human digital knowlage from what was found under the radiactive send, the will see your unansered Q and think you were a god... build a statue from your Stack avatar and such
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    Am I the only one who is scared of posting a question on Stack Overflow because of how bad some people treat you there?
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