When I joined my team in august as a junior/trainee, we were 6 developers.

Now we are 4 left in the team.

By the end of june, we are 1.. I mean its me, myself and I.

Wtf did I do!? My code isnt that spaghetti. I think...

But its np, just me with a 20 years old database, 7 legacy systems and a new one planned.

Atleast my boss believes in me keeping this shit floating.

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    Might be a strong hint to run, if everybody else is quitting too and there's no new hired devs in sight
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    You better run for your life
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    Run! Run! Run!
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    Left the team or the company?
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    Jup agree with the ones on top. It's a strong warningsign to jump the ship. Ask yourself why the others left. Ask yourself why shouldn't you leaf? Oh and if you decide to stay, use the situation to your advantage and negociate a higher salary ;)
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    Time for it to be zero my friend!
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    I'm almost in a similar situation, just that I won't be one of the few who remains. Joined as an intern and by June over half the devs who were here when I started in August will be gone.
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    > Wtf did I do!?
    Mate all I can tell you is that I don’t know many developers who would quit because their junior developers aren’t writing stellar code.

    This was probably due to management decisions pushing your team out and you should definitely look into why they left
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    Ask for a raise and / or assistance. It can be a great way ahead in your career if you stay. But if it gets too bad, yes, run.
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    Need 6* salary or get out of there!
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    Well. I got hired and one of the recruiters I spoke to made a mention that the lead dev has gotten a new job, so there's potential for this to turn out the same way still.
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