Need Help!

Anyone can please come out with algorithm to win an arguments with girlfriend..

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    Give up before you fall into a deadlock!
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    I discovered this algo a while back, it goes by the name “Yes, you’re right”
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    what is a girlfriend?
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    Error 404: girlfriend not found
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    @C0D4 well i did. but catch into GirlFriendException
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    @Stuxnet is in requirement, class Girlfriend
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    Segmentation fault, gf dumped

    Best one, no arguments
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    Tell her she's fat.
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    @CodeNoir shit i'm using window!!!.. run and blue screen.
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    Choose ur battles wisely
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    The only known method until this day is bruteforcing : test a lot of girlfriends until you end up finding one that let's you win arguments. However, there haven't been any known collisions yet, so this search seems futile
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    def _winArgument (string Defense)
    if (Defense != True)
    return false
    else if (Defense == True)
    return false
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    Boolean logic for you
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    The algorithm involves an axe.

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    if you try to win an argument you will get a Blue Screen Of Death
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    Random random = new Random();
    while(!random.nextBoolean()) {}
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    How you got one? 😵 Are you Magician?
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    1. If things start getting out of hand.
    Stop, take a breath and say.
    “i don t want to fight”.

    1. As a rule, don‘t argue if its too late.

    If it is too often too late, that means that you don't spend enough time together and that will bring more problems.

    1. Don‘t go into details. Spilling other shit in an argument just to make the other wrong is cheap,and will xome back at you one way or the other.

    1. Learn how to use your temper. Fustration or anger can be used to create insistence or showing that you want back down. Those are special cars. Use them wisely.

    1. If things always go one sided there is a problem somewhere. Giving in, even in the right is also an important strategic decision (some few times).

    1. Letting go,because its just not worth it.

    The worst position in arguing is often created by yourself, and because your overwhelmed and cant think and act with emotions.

    Slow down. Things are often simple.
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    // Not referring to the comment above. 1 as in Boolean.
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    That’s easy! Not even requiring a single IF statement, just reply “You are right, I was wrong.”
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    More sex
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