Dear C++ / Java developers.

Please do not write Python, or do utilize helper libraries / pythonisms.

Not EVERYTHING has to be done by hand, it's not CS class anymore. Classes are fine too, not everything has to be passed as comma separated string. Python is proper Object-Oriented language, not scripting tool like Bash.

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    Dear python developer, when we are using python, it is because its easy to quickly throw a script together. If we want concise and well factored code, we wont touch python.
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    @sharktits Ha! HAhahaa I don't have a choice. I'm using python to build a massive ass program...
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    @iSwimInTheC i feel sorry for you
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    @sharktits so you mean it's better to pass around 'a;b;c;d # e;f' and do `s.split(";")[3].split['#'].split[';']` instead of using lists/objects/namedtuples/whatever ? Yep it's faster but proper way is to utilize functions/objects to add context and abstractions to things you do, so other person would see what is going on.

    Globals everywhere are also "fast" hacks but you know how this ends - script becomes "production critical" and maintenance passes to SCM. And we know how to do `git blame` :D
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