My boss assigned me to design our new house sign. It will be printed onto acrylic plastic. Thoughts?

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    Can we have a little more context or the "behind it" thingy?

    And welcome to devRant!
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    No round corners! Please! It’s not 2005 anymore!
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    @TobyAsE: The round corners is an homage to old CRT monitors.
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    @bitter behind it he means, context. Whats 16a for? is it the company name. what’s the company speciality, where foes the name originate? that kind of thing then we can establish the credibility of your solution.
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    @helloworld: Yeah, misread his comment and removed my reply. 16A is our street number. Not sure if house sign is the correct word, English is not my native language :)
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    2^4 A
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    Couldn't be more effective in my opinion. You could have used some fancy font but why? Functionality goes over design for this.
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    Why not actually take the screen and surround from on old CRT monitor, make a black '16A' mask and wire in some green LEDs to backlight it.
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    If I was you, I would've put the CRT display effect in there, just as I've done with my avatar (notice the slight bend)

    Though idk if that'd be good for a house sign, eh
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    It was clear for me that its an CRT monitor. Its clear thats the house number. No need to change it I think
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    @bitter get it now, works for me.
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