We build a backup infrastructure at work to make sure that clients can restore their files and databases themselves when something gets fucked up.

We also have step by step tutorial on how to do this.

Every fucking day we get requests to restore backups.

Mostly used reason is "I'm a technical so I won't understand it".
With all due respect, if you don't understand this and keep asking without even trying, please don't host with us.
Because, if you did as I asked and actually read through the entire article, you would.
In case you're wondering, anytime one of us asks what part they don't understand, that question is simply ignored and they pushing for us restoring it anyways continues.

Sometimes they get angry and want to talk to someone higher up or start complaining that they're paying loads of money already and that it would just take us a second anyways.

If you would read the fucking tutorial/manual instead of trying to eat out your mother's badly shaved pussy and hopefully choke on it while you're at it, you wouldn't come asking us for it.
If you genuinely don't understand this article, feel free to ask but also provide us with cocksucking feedback.

Why do you think you have the right anyways to ask us to do it for free? We maintain the backup infrastructure which definitely isn't cheap but we do it so that you, pubic sniffing weazel, can do this shit on your fucking own.

You're entitled to ask us for help but not for asking us to restore your bullshit for free every freaking time.

Tip: give your parents some condoms. Because that way they hopefully won't reproduce again, we don't need more of you in this universe.

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    @Alice Shit you type faster than me 😂
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    @Alice I think I can't argue on that (yet) ...
    *launches Stamina on extreme mode*
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    You might have to open source that generator 😏
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    Maybe you should put in your terms and conditions that you in no way are responsible for restoring their backups?
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    @TempestasLudi which defeats the purpose of having and maintaining such infrastructure, no? I guess you'd need to explain it from another angle: we provide the tools, you can take action by yourself.

    @linuxxx how's it set up anyway? Do they have a backup hub/page as an overview of their managed backups?

    (damn plebs)
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    @xewl no, they are responsible for maintaining the backups, just not for restoring them 😉
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    The most sensible thing would be to bill for backup restore, maybe first one is free.

    If something cost you money and clients abuse it, just charge at least enough to be profitable.

    Actually had to resort to this because my clients keep nuking their own data and restoring to factory isn't cheap (it's an actual device that has to be shipped).

    Also, if you are not the one to decide if the company should bill, log hours spent on this and go with higher-up :D Works especially well if you are behind schedule on your normal work.
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    @Fradow If you're just working support, management doesn't care. Unless their support times start going up, they're not going to charge because it's easier to offload these questions.
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    > If you would read the fucking tutorial/manual instead of trying to eat out your mother's badly shaved pussy and hopefully choke on it while you're at it ...

    that's great.
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