🍿🍿 pull up a chair and get comfy. This was a few years ago and anger has filled some details, so bear with me...

One day, during one of rare afternoons off of work, I was in the library to work on a group project for school. This was maybe a month before it was due, so we were tracking for decent progress and one less stressor over finals. It was about 80° F out, with the perfect breeze for the beach, but school comes first.

I'm team lead (which is terrifying, but less important) and my bro C shows up early to be ready to go on time because he's professional. I'M SO BAD I FORGOT DOUCHEBAGS NAME, so he's A (for asshole), shows up AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES LATE. But it's not the end of the world, C and I worked around our database schema (which A sent us and we approved), so we could iron out kinks as we went.

A gets there... Fucking finally.

Fucker didn't have the database built (had 2 months to do it, we all agreed on schema a month prior. We're trying to be the adults our ages claim is to be).

*breathe in, count to 10* not a problem, A, just go ahead and start it now so we can at least check what we have.

Ok, my queen, I'll have it done in 10 minutes...


We needed an id (sku... Which, in 99.9999% of companies is numeric), a short name (xBox one, Macbook, don't smart tv), a description and a price (with 2 decimals). All approved by all 3 of us.

His sku ranges from 3 to 9 ALPHA NUMERIC CHARACTERS, the names were even more generic than expected (item1, item 2, Item_3), no description, and he somehow thought US currency had 5 decimal places!!! (it's more accurate...)

There was an epic, royal, and expensive fight scene in the library (may have been during the Lenten season I decided to give up caffeine AND fast for 40 days to prove a point to an ass wipe of a history teacher, don't recall). I made him cry, he failed the class because C and I wound up fixing everything he touched (graded by commits, because it was also an intro to git, but also, a classmate saw it all), and I had to buy multiple people coffee for yelling in the library.

A tried making out buttons work (I was fed up and done thinking for the day, so moved to documentation), but he fucked those up. I then made those worse by having nested buttons, but I deleted all his shit and started over and fixed it.

I then cried, but C and I survived and have each others backs still.

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    @AlexDeLarge did I provide enough popcorn?
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    So *mad I forgot his name...
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    @QueenMorgana did you get extra points as you finished 3 person project by 2 person?
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    Thats funny. Thats like asking if some one gets their collegues wage when they call in sick.

    We would all be poisining each other.@yendenikhil
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    @Santaclauze not exactly. It is like 3 member team. And I come but I don't contribute to work. And as a team we need to deliver a project. Just cause I don't work my team mates have to pull up slack maybe put in overtime hours to deliver the project. Now after delivery if they don't even expect the credit for 'work they have done' then I would say it is not right.

    I never said slacker shouldn't get anything. I don't care what he gets. What I want is recognition that Q and C did something extra (which they did!), What's wrong in that !
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    I dont think anything is wrong with that.

    I just think that shit happens and that most group projects will have a slacker.

    Its random bad luck. I dont think one should expect compensation for random bad luck.

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    I’ve had a similar experience. Dude litteraly never met up to work on the project and kept acting like a boss telling us to fix shit that absolutely didn’t need fixing. And once he did something he fucked up the code, which I had to fix up after him. I ranted at him in a message cause he never met to work, then he started to make me feel guilty for taking an arrogant tone. He ended up freeloading the project grade.
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    @QueenMorgana no, me wants some more!!
    It was delicious btw πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡
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    @yendenikhil isn't this just real life preparation?! πŸ€”
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    @sladuled yes. Yes it is πŸ˜‘
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    @zickig honestly? Because I fucking hate buttons. And cloud 9 (the online crap we had to use). And I was missing time on the beach. And hadn't had coffee in days (possibly hadn't eaten, again, don't remember if I was fasting).
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