It is so funny how this PM got dizzy when I started detailing all the possibilities of her generic requirements and asking for clarification and we started drawing how the fuck she wants in to be.

But "just put all data on the report" should be simple, right?

Not a 2 hours discussion on one topic out of 10, right?


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    @Condor yeah, this project is a clusterfuck of poor planning right now.

    I was coding for months what should be a fucking sketch on paper and we changed a lot of core things already, more than once.

    This time I said I won't touch code until they definitely approve shit.

    I don't give a fuck about it anymore :)
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    "should be simple"

    I cringe every time a non coding person exclaims this. It shows lack of respect for your skills.
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    @AlexDeLarge hahaha yeah, exactly what I just said here...

    We have a common boss that has to approve our prototypes.

    We have 4 weeks until deadline.

    This boss is always busy.

    I said "well, we just mail her the changes and the deadline, each week without approval we cut one major requirement".

    They think I'm joking.
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