Who else uses like 3 different Linux distros?

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    Not me!

    & welcome to devrant!
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    If you count VMs, then yes!

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    Does distro-hopping counts?

    Welcome to devrant mate!
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    Sort of. I use Virtual Machines. :/
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    For what? What do people usually use their Linux machines for? Browser and office? I use my windows machine to run Mac vm for app development.
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    @singh029 Linux can pretty much do anything nowadays (yes even gaming)
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    Everyone because there isn't a single Linux distro that is good enough for any Linux user to keep for as long as a Mac or windows user would keeps their os.
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    @Null-Device yes, of course, because they really shouldn't have to
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    I am a baptized Ubuntu user!
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    and then you ask why windows better. maybe because you dont need 3 distros?
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