My girlfriend thinks I can hack her laptop if I know it's IP address.

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    If you use Kali linux with a lot of open terminal windows with green font and wear a black zipper hoodie, you can.

    But of course only at night.
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    @SPie you need at least 23 terminal windows open. In 10 of them runs the tree command in a loop and on the other a matrix
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    @SPie Looks like shit on a smartphone
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    Shutdown /i
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    but you can ddos
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    @SPie that's not Kali.... it has Linux Mint's update manager in system tray! You're trying to trick us into believing you're a legit h4x0r!

    No Kali -- no hacker
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    well.. TBF she's right. In order to hack her laptop you'll need its IP (assuming you're not up for soc. engg.). Then and only then you can try various exploits: DNS, SMB, wlan MITM-gateway, etc..
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    She's not really wrong. It would help with quite a few different methods.
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    nmap 192.168.0.*
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    @duckifier Thats assuming you are connected to the same network. Also i could just change ip of network and your command is fucked.
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    pyborg@life:~ $ rm -rf girlfriend
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