TL;DR: a dude thinks good graphics make a game good.

so every day when the school ends, me, a dude and another girl walk home. as expected we have lots of time to talk about anything. I wanted that day to tell that dude about what I am going to buy on steam summer sales with just 15$.

me: I am going for this summer to play lots of games so I saved some money for this summer sale. do you want to hear what awesome games I am about to buy with just 15$?
dude: yeah, sure thing.

he wasn't expecting much

M: this summer I am going to buy 5 games and maybe keep more for some others. they are so awesome!
D: ok, let's hear those 'awesome' games!
M: the first game is devil daggers, maybe you don't kno...
D: of course I do. is that game
M: I want to get that game just to improve my aim, but maybe I will have some fun.
D: yeah yeah, I know that game
M: *poker face*

I KNEW he doesn't know this game and anything about pc games because of the followings...

M: ok then... I also want to get Half-Life 2 : Episode 1 & 2. they have pretty rich story and I already have both Half-Lives.
D: holy shit but the graphics... ok, one more 'awesome' game of yours.
M: there are 2 episodes, 2 separate games. I really don't care about the graphics, I love the story.
D: continue with your 'awesom' games...

that dude didn't even knew about half-life and said that game is bad.

M: another game I want to get is Battlefront 2, the one from 2005 and...
D: 2005!?
M: yeah, the new one sucks, and the gameplay in the original is way better and...
D: *starts laughing* 2005!? I thought you were getting the new one. I imagine the graphics being like this car. *points to a fucking car, yeah that kind of comparasion, I know*

after this I was so fucking pissed off. he doesn't even know about some cult classics that are meant to be played. he doesn't even have a pc nor console and he is stating his opinion on fine air for fucks sake!

M: ok, what about getting the facts and then make an opinon.
D: yeah yeah *making fun of me at that point*

I didn't tell him that I wanted to buy the binding of isaac, cause it was enough for me. I told him to watch some reviews on these games and blog posts about them and I am sure tomorrow he will say that he 'wathced' the reviews and that those games are garbage. it's his style to underestimate things. I fucking hate him, not becuase of the games, but because he underestimates everything that is not on his list of 'good games'. that list consists of new games with great graphics(3D only).

sorry if I exaggerate saying that those games are cult classics but I really look forward into buying them.

if you have another indie game to run on this potato machine(2gb ram, pentium dual-core 2.1ghz, gtx 525m) that I should or at least try comment, I am open to suggestions!

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    I wouldn't even be mad, he's the one that's missing out. Nearly all of my favorite games have so-so to downright bad graphics. This is a guy who will never be able to enjoy 99.9% of indie games, games from small-to-medium studios, or retro games.

    EDIT: as for suggestions, not sure what you like but I think FTL, Neo Scavenger and Stardew Valley will run on pretty much any potato.
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    Any game made by Vlambeer
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    Counter Strike1.6 is the real deal. Doesn't have too much of a hardware requirement.
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    How about Left4Dead? I think the hardware requirements are low, plus you can get L4D 1 and 2 for 5-6$ on summer sales
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    I've never focused too heavily on graphics, which is good because my favorite games comprise of Galaga, Runescape Classic, and old Zelda games haha
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    Try Fallout1/2, if you're into RPGs. Both are epic. When I did all side quests of the second one, I had depression for like a week. These two games left a mark on my soul.

    PS. They're not indie games.
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    @RantSomeWhere damnz
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    @RustyCookie I think I have logged triple digit hours into fallout 1/2 but I could never really get into 3+... the combat system is SO GOOD in 1/2 and they gave it all up for some FPS/RPG hybrid, I don't get it!
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    @HollowKitty :) I played each of them like 20 times. Or more.

    Yes the 3 is just post apocalyptic Morrowind but I still played through it once.

    Didnt play the New Vegas and newer ones, due to issues with life.
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