So today I got really triggered when i hear this guy say that coding is cancer. I stand up and instantly the first thing going through my mind is that it's the battle of the nerds. He says he tried ALL of the programing languages out there and they were shit. I asked if he tried C# and he still says coding is cancer even though he has never even heard of any C# syntax. I asked if he used Batch as a started language and he still says it. So I just decided to roast him by saying "did you put .bat at the end of the file when you were saving? Oh wait never mind, I forgot your lazy ass doesn't have the intelligence to understand how to save"
Surprisingly everyone was silent and most likely didn't understand what I had said. So I just left wondering if he even bothered to get a guide on syntax for any of the languages he would have liked.

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    You just want to strangle those kind of peoples don't you?
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    @Jase then place will be the headquarter of the support team in hell. "Hello, please describe your problem as precisely as possible so I can give as long as possible no fucks about your problem. Thank you". Literally every support team except blizzard. Luv u blizz support <3
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    @Jase never had any issues with blizzard game files since I started to play. Currently playing hots, hearthstone and overwatch, never had any patch issues.

    Not sure what you mean by "used all data", is your connection limited? That shit does still exist?

    Their support is really good tho. Best I have ever had to use. Nothing compared to win or Apple support.
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    Don't feed the trolls. He is clearly too dim to use a computer. He should put it back in the box and ship it back to the store he bought it from.
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    @deusprogrammer not everybody is interested in using computers tho. Just because we know and love them doesn't mean that everybody does. I have some friends in uni who literally can't even install programs and stuff like that. They never had to use a computer for 18 years. Personally I strongly believe, especially in today's society, that everybody should be familiar with computers and the interest to some extend. But hey 🙃
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