I have this guy who screams and keeps on slamming the table in a meeting room (there is only the project developer inside), about how important to LTRIM RTRIM in sql, combining multiple insert into 1 stored procedure, making a big deals of small feature since we’re on a tight schedule, bla bla bla

Worse retard ever

I almost punched him

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    "Kill it with fire!"

    😊 🔥
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    @Irithyll I’m fucking glad that was my first and last project with him. He’s leaving the company soon
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    Using trim in SQL means you put dirty stuff in your DB. Better make a trim middleware to clean up post data, if those spaces are a problem.
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    @bittersweet we did, I trim the data in js, then it proceed to backend to check whitespace characters etc, and this guy keeps on spouting it’s important to double check or similar bs. He also argue that inner join in sql is slower than inner join with spaghetti backend, also I’m using temporary table in sql is bad practice, fuck this retard motherfucker
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    He deserves a falcon punch in the nuts!
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    @karma shoryuken!
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    @devTea do it 🐢
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    @devTea ugh. Sometimes double checks are a good (temp) solution. Sometimes joins are slow (usually "staying" in sql for as long as possible is a good idea though). Sometimes temporary tables are bad (because a sub select might be faster).

    But it all depends on so many factors, there are "tipping points" for every situation where a smart thing becomes a bad idea or vice versa.

    I dislike hard rules. If someone tells me: "You should NEVER use where in because it performs badly", my response is "Feel free to refactor it and explain why your solution is superior"

    Linus Torvalds quote "Talk is cheap, show me the code" rings more true to me every day.

    Feel free to bitch at my architectural decisions, as long as you include a PR and explain why it is an improvement, so we can discuss pros and cons.
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    Tell him you wanted to date him but changed your mind after last meeting.
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    This sounds dangerously close to an ex-colleague. Always challenging me whereas my designs actually produced optimal results and his designs only talked. I bet he'd trim integers if he could
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    we have a date bases with status like "Confirmed "
    our data base administrators always says that's the way the system works
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    Normally the people here are not yelling and shout, just when they're kidding, but in 90% of the time I'm hearing music with my headsets and it's almost impossible I hear if someone doing some stupid thing nearby me.
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