I don’t know what’s worse:
1) The dev that whitelisted .jpg and throws an exception when .jpeg is used.
2) I’m having to educate business users how to rename a file.

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    The worst part will be when they start renaming .png and .docx files to .jpg and saying that's the process you told them to follow.
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    When they rename .psd to .png and expect it to work, and wonder why the page now takes longer to load 😞
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    Well how bout both🤔
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    @Null-Device It's not just about confusing the program, it's about having to deal with whatever half-baked business process they came up with in your absence. If something like this happened at my work there is a near guarantee that they come up with the idea of renaming a hundred <ridiculous file type> files to .jpg and try to bulk upload them a half hour before their hard deadline to get those images onto the site. The users I have, will literally do the exact opposite of what I told them to do, put it up on their wiki as official process and expect me to bail them out when it doesn't work because they claim it's what I told them to do. Thank god I'm remote and have a written record of 90% of our communications.
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    tfw when people check the file ending instead of just checking the magic number…
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    I'd fire that developer. Wtf.
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