Is amazon taking over? 🤔

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    it all makes sense now...

    they're becoming so big...

    so they can buy

    the amazon

    #savetherainforest #buyallthecompanies #monopolizetrees #green #icantstop #iwontstop #thisideawontLEAFmealone #a4a #cutpricesinsteadoftrees
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    >did Amazon buy Walmart?
    Nightmare fuel 😳
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    @beegC0de Nobody I've shown it to sees it, but I swear that www.walmart.com and www.amazon.com both look VERY similar (meaning Walmart copied them because it wasn't like this a year ago).
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    @Stuxnet on phone I do see some similarities, and if I didnt know better it could have been a small change in amazons design.

    Im a dutch person so Ive never seen a wallmart but I assume the colors are also walmarts colors?
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    @Codex404 Nope. They're a lighter shade of blue and yellow. This was how the site looked for a long time. Last I remember looking at (December of 2017) it was like this.
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    @Codex404 Also, the desktop versions really show the similarities between the two even better.
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    They did buy USPS for sunday's anyway
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    If Amazon ever buys Walmart we’re all fucked but it’s ok because it will be a convenient demise.
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    How many of those companies can they really purchase?
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