If you get the opportunity to learn one thing without worrying about money, time or your job. What would you choose? 💙 🌜🌠
I would like to learn how to play the violin. 🎵🎻

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    C and assembly, would love to learn them!

    And I'm a violinist, it's really fun to learn
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    Ai with python, fpga & arm micro
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    I would learn the art of conversation and persuasion.

    To be able to walk into ANY situation and use all communication, both verbal and non-verbal, to my full advantage.
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    Cure mental illness
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    Id love to learn how to do animation!
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    @freeme ues that too.
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    Learn music.
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    Same here, violin. Or maybe hacking techniques (à la Mr. Robot)... 🤔
    Is there a way to hack computers with a violin ?
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    Programming medical devices.

    Currently trying to better my Python so I can help my girlfriend and her family (she's a doctor, they're all medical scientists) analyze their data and enhance their techniques.

    They're hoping to aid in the eradication of cancer.
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    Graphic design and illustration. At the moment I learn to sew :D
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    Game development and 2d art
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    Awesome family dude!

    Me too, mate! Me too

    I am starting to believe that there is something between programmers and music, i got to know more and more programmers that started learning music in their free time

    I could give ya some tips on that

    I know a little from some uni courses on both, it's kind of mind opening to be honest, you should really try! Both give a more in depth perspective on programming as a whole!
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    Personally i would try many things! Most of the ones mentioned above, such as getting new perspective on my passion or getting new different hobbies.

    I would definitly love to learn to cook, but probably i will get to learn in a few years, as my body will stop accepting junk food.

    Sooo i would settle with learning to brew or to be a more electrical engineer for now 🤔
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    They're fucking nuts. Everyone is a genius or genius level. The most incredible environment to be in and they inspire me so much.
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    Learn about every aspect of the body and how it works. Mainly the brain and eyes tho.
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    Goku's Instant Transmission
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    @KennyTheBard Music or maybe art at large?

    I am researching on how art affects human emotions and impacts behaviour.

    Art distresses us and programming is currently the most stressful job.

    Hence, the relationship.
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    font design with illustrator, fontself and machine learning
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    I’d learn how to make this happen again donI could learn lots of things easily.
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