So my company finally decided to make the shift from using irc for internal chats to Slack.

After a month of patiently waiting for my team to make the shift, I went ahead asked one of my (young) fellow teammate why he hasn't shifted to Slack yet. His reply:
"What's Slack?"

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    Slack sucks all chat shits are incredible inefficient.
    Something to collab like trello, monday, airtable, etc will always be better. Even google drive, even box, even fucking discourse.

    Kill slack, get something that can be used to document interactions.
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    @mundo03 chat software is very efficient for a lot of people and is often much better solution than using e-mail.

    Remember, if something doesn't suit you, it does not mean, it does not suit others. People are different and they work and think in different ways.
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    Its works BEST in my organization. (Only IT team uses it haha).
    Rest finance and operation uses whatsapp and Telegram.

    Yeah strange but true.
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    IRC is one of the best protocols for me... I really miss when everyone was using mirc.
    OK IRC is not secure... Well mirc is not secure, because if you make the client software you can encrypt everything, and is highly adaptive
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    Skype is so unsecure this days....
    They could at least encrypt the saved conversations
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    Chat is extremely nice in work environments.
    Slack in particular is terrible.
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    Discord 🙌
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    @ClySuva sucks org wise, i know chatting is easy and great for communication.

    But then try to find that particular conversation 5 months back, you don't temember in which channel and the interlocutor left the company.

    Hence, a collab tool is way better, keep conversations focused to the issue at hand, documented forever, easy to find again.

    Hence, all chat sucks for work shit for other than casual or quick questions.
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