During a random meeting for a project:

PM: We'll need you to learn Go for this project. It says you know python in your job skills, so it should be easy.
Me: Uh, hiiii. I'm in security, not development. Can't help you, I really shouldn't even be here.
PM: I think Go has security built-in, does that help?
Me: ... I don't know, you need a developer.
PM: Do you know any Go people?
Me: I think that's something you should know.
- Silence enters the room -
PM: Yes perhaps, but you don't know anyone?

Fucking wat?

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    Why didn't you tell that person to Go fuck himself/herself?
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    "Security built in" 😂😂😂

    As if it is gonna save you from

    "select * from users where password like '%"+variable+"%'"
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    "security built-in"? Like how am I gonna use Go to protect web apps? Should I put text "You no go here. It scary place"?

    Project managers are fucking unbelievable. Every one of these fuckers should have the technical experience of at least 5 years for giving him the responsibility to manage it's god-damned projects.
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    @azous @justasithlord
    Well there can be language specific security issues. Because in the end, programming languages are made by humans. To improve security technologies can restrict certain "dangerous" actions or make potentially dangerous things easy to implement to reduce errors etc.

    I don't know anything on Go though, but the claim about security might be true.

    Edit: If you code same thing in two languages "perfectly", other might suffer from security issues if the language is poorly implemented.
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    @okkimus idk anything about Go either. The way the PM had put it, it's more like they wanna get something developed in Go; it having security features built-in or otherwise doesn't matter.

    You won't sit and learn a language and develop something in it just because it has security features in it :/
    Also not to forget this guy isn't a dev, he's a security professional (who later might have to test the software, but that's a different story)
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    Yeah I know :) it was stupid by the pm, but just wanted to point out that there is security built-in in languages.

    Of course the main issues with security is badly coded things.
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    Sounds like a waste of your time. I’m sorry. Dev or not, rant away!
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    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 awesome PM 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻
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