On the presentation for my database project my team and I showed a NodeJS + Mongo + VueJS project with cloud storage capability, nothing fancy but did everything from scratch (from token auth and system encryption to the frontend CSS and the database) the teacher made some questions and meh'd at it.

Behold team two's project, WordPress with a standard template and phpMyAdmin, teacher loves it because "it's so beautiful"

Guess who just failed that class?

God I love college, it's the best time investment I've ever done and it'll surely pay out.

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    That sucks. If your project met the requirements speak up with the director or someone else.
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    Just please don't shoot anyone.
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    @lucaspar lol, my project met the requirements but because of the way the system in place works I can't fix anything anymore.

    Shooting them would be a waste of lead, I'm thinking of something better, maybe a teacher rating system or something 🤔
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    @JKyll lmao www.ratemyprofessor.com already exists.

    Also, why bother being extra? Do the minimum amount that gets your job done. There's no need to show off to impress a professor. 90% of the time they don't give a shit if you are a good programmer or not. They just want their assignments done lol
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    @Stuxnet that site won't do it for our case.

    Oh dude why even code it at all if you can manage a team to do it for you, my point is this is a reason O hate college.
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    You are wasting way too much effort on college, 100% of my assignments were either generated or copypasted so i had time to learn actual useful stuff.
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    There seems to be some confusion, I didn't overdo my efforts doing this project as I only acted as a manager (laying the project plan, directing, managing and presenting) probably what their boss or yours does.

    My point is, my college professors can't distinguish a quality project from a WordPress template.
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    "teacher loves it because "it's so beautiful""

    Welcome to the reality where the look is more important than the back to sell a project.

    You can create the best product in the world, if the client dislike is look you will loose many of them for some other product, less effective, but with a better UI.
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    Report your teacher for being incompetent as he clearly doesn't know what he is looking at.

    My fucking pet dog can work WordPress.
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    Say it again say it again say it again now:

    College and university are a waste of time in this field because they’re so far behind industry.

    In fact, the old adage of “those who can’t... teach” applies so hard to this industry.

    If they’re sat stagnating in a position at a university, it’s only because they’re not good enough for the private sector.

    Learn online and learn from real developers.

    Sorry you’re having to deal with this shit.
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    *smashing F to pay respect*

    This is the heavy downside of being developer. Your project can work like a charm but have a basic/shitty interface, it will be always worst than a bugged-fill Wordpress that have some "beautiful theme".
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    so the html, css of other team is better?
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