F*cking Samsung's alarm clock.

I really needed to wake up early today so I added secondary alarm little bit earlier. It was supposed to ring at 5:20 and second one shall ring 5:30. But Samsung said no.

Update came thru night and phone was restarted in process. Why it can't keep memory unlocked I don't understand, but OK. But it effectively means it was not able to trigger alarm clock. So I woke up at 6:35 and came more than hour late.

Why such basic functionality failed? My old Sony Erricsson T290i can ring even when powered down. Same as my Nokia and after that Lumia with Windows Phone 10. Why can't Samsung just be normal.

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    I use two clocks, the phone and a regular radio alarm clock for redundancy :)
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    @Voxera I was thinking about that too, but I do not want to set it everyday. That is basically reason why I am using phone for that: scheduling.
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    @Voxera respect ;-)

    @argorain you can get cheap smartbands with vibrating alarm you can set up to 6 alarms. (with scheduling support)

    I use smartband as main alarm and phone (samsung, never had any issue) as a backup alarm.
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    @shelladdicted I am exploring this possibility right now. I expect that fit band is working on its own without need of phone, correct?
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    @argorain phone to configure then it's on its own.
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    that's why I disabled automatic updates..
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    I use a good old alarm clock. It's really loud and works great.
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    I use a smartwatch. Miband2 it's very Cheap and useful
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    I didn't even know that they could update automatically. ._.
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    I use a phone, Google home and automate lights as my alarm clocks. The alarms go off at different times and then the lights come on to wake me if I'm still in bed.
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    @sylar182 I guess that my girlfried would murder me if lights went on at 5:40 😁
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    @argorain that's a problem I don't have to deal with 😉 for better or for worse.
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