If Facebook would have bought Github,there would be no more private repos 😶

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    You would also have to link your Facebook account and all your data would be sold.
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    @Danacus fuckbook would also register any of your friends on github with write access to all repos where you have write access. imagine your mom breaking the entire npm deployment by writing "hi son your breakfast is in: fridge" into .travis.yml. also fuckbook would integrate all of code on github in their services without even mentioning you. that's fucked up.
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    If Facebook had bought it then I'd see a lot more warrant for panic and mass migration
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    @Condor I can agree on all those silly tests my family shares all too often. I'm not paranoid about my privacy but there's no reason those need access to anything about me

    But considering the horror stories I've heard about their apis, i think it's best they sit git services out
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    I just stopped checking Facebook unless I'm mentioned, usually nothing interesting going on anyways
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    @Condor Sorta? It's been several months since I've done anything but dismiss mobile notifications but I have an account
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