For all the hate going around about microsoft i just wanted to list things microsoft has done a great job at (imo of course):

windows 10
microsoft office
microsoft edge
probably more so don't hate for the hell of it.

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    say what you want, but office is pretty good
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    Age of Empires... Don't forget Age of Empires
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    I disagree with most on that list. Office was great and Minecraft wasn't created by Microsoft.
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    Also azure and vscode.
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    *personal opinion*
    As long as windows 10 exists I'll treat it as mal/spy ware. So nope disagree but hey, opinions be opinions :)
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    @mmcorreia how could i miss that! age of mythology was my childhood game.
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    @olback yes it wasn't created by them but they managed to keep it alive and improve it.
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    good things they're done:
    - visual studio code
    - typescript
    - leaving minecraft: java edition as it is
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    * VSCode
    * C#
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    I'm here to say that MS Office is the best office suite and I won't let anybody tell me anything else!

    I don't use windows, but LibreOffice makes my balls explode in rage sometimes. And don't even think to mention Abiword!
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    @mmcorreia fuck! Forgot AoE was Microsoft, my life is melting down ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    On the note of good Microsoft games, I used to love Fury 3 as a kid. (Even though it’s their failed attempt at mimicking Descent, it was still a great game, IMO.)
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    @hugh-mungus windows 10 is great at sending people straight to linux
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    Why did powershell make that list? I fucking hate it!
    What you should add though, is CSS Grid, which was designed as an initial draft by the Edge team!
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    The original Age of Empires was not created by Microsoft, but by Ensemble Studios, a small company that approached Microsoft for distribution. When it was released it was radically unlike any game release Microsoft had done before that time. They didn't really even know how to sell games at the time.

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    @Wack the reason i added powershell is because there are no cryptically named commands, the name conventions are well thought out so you can easily find the one you need
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