Users: Are you going to make your Products cheaper and put better GPUs and CPUs in your desktops and laptops?

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    Users: OK, fine. When can we buy your new product?
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    @blem14 In two years after the last refresh or when the beach ball makes you want to jump off a cliff.
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    @blem14 "When you pay this ridiculously high price for a thing that offers barely anything that competitors don't have"

    Users: "hmmmm..."

    Apple: "At least you look rich?"

    Users: "SOLD!"
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    Apple have already launched all of their products as nothing less than a status symbol. It is actually good for evolution, you can differentiate the pretentious douchebags from the genuine users and obliterate the former.
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    I didn’t think they announced Hardware releases at WWDC. It was my understanding that this event is mainly about software/developers.

    Wasn’t one of the first announcements about iOS 12 making better use of the A-series chipsets to improve performance?
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    The WWDC are supposed to be only for Software Releases or Updates and News.

    Yes but they have at the Moment problems with their battery on the Ios12 Update.
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    @SupZee no idea. I haven’t participated in the Beta for this version.
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