not an apple fan but it's true, latest Android running devices are always so less

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    Thats because apple has the monopoly on their OS while google shares its OS with many others! Its an unfair comparison!
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    You cant really compare these stats...

    I mean my Samsung galaxy S2 still works like a charm..

    Can't say that about my friend's iphone 5...
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    We've been down this road so many times now.

    Android One exists for this reason for fuck sakes.
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    @Stuxnet I agree.

    Also image...
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    Wait what is this stat?
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    @ODXT Oooh shit thanks for catching that
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    That's a really sad side of being an open source platform, i guess.
    Just last night i was checking for a budget cell with latest android and i found a couple of factors thaf will go handy here:
    1) more than 95% devices are running nougat and below with market of Android marshmallow and below to be as big as 70%
    2) Android is doing ots best, but it just releases a stock SDK which every company has to tweak in order to support older devices. But companies just say "fuck old customers, why support our older devices when we can just make flagships more cooler?"
    3) So Companies kinda makes a market for what i h'd call "garbage phones and flagships" , garbage phones being the ones with older hardware and unsupported updates
    4)As of now, only google(& huwai,to some extent) guarantees software updates for 2-3 years for their flagships phones. Companies like nokia, blackberry are up for it too, but Chinese manufacturers are still using garbage marketing.
    5) project treble might change things
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    No one mentioned project treble yet?
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    The market share of android is so vast against the iphones(courtesy different manufacturers) that going by absolute numbers, the number of android devices running the latest version is almost half of the number of iphones running iOS11. So that I guess is a great feat in itself considering there are probably thousands of OEMs for android.

    But then again, apple has been known for tweaking and representing numbers to show how they always are the best in the market right now.
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