When the code is so bad that the only meaningful thing to do should be executing
rm -Rf *; git add -A; git commit -m "bugfix"
and then start the project again.

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    I got exactly that in mind... Only it's DROP TABLE *; for me...
    Can't do it though because it's 20 years of customer data...
    Still, my team's nice and the pay is good, so it's kind of my turn to take one for the team and build this thing I guess.
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    I have to do this tomorrow 😞

    The dev before me decided to use Git on a project which is all good, but randomly merged between branches different chunks of code and no 2 branches can be merged any more, with some PRs being months old 😰

    I don’t have the time or energy to deal with this fuckery of a mess so delete and copy the code directly out of prod as the base seems like the only cause of action left.
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    `git rm . && git commit -m "Significant improvements" && git push origin --force; git clean -fdx`
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    And in typical @Root fashion:
    `shred -zfu -n 64 .`
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