"Linux is shit because nothing works on my new DOM 2017/2018 laptop!"

Yes it's true that nothing will work if you put your finking ubuntu 14.04 installation with a fucking old 3.13 kernel in your new Laptop!

Update. Your. Fucking. System.

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    Or use Windows, you know.
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    @Cyanide im sure it needs at least 3 reboots, before all drivers are installed and working.
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    @Cyanide if you want, but I'd rather use an OS that I like, rather than settle with the easiest to install
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    ^ not assuming thats why you use windows- if you do
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    Umm why are you installing Ubuntu 14.04,when newer versions are available?
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    I tired arch. I failed (well, sort of, but I really cannot be bothered to configurer EVERY detail), antergos installer chincy (or how ever you spell it) always crashed.

    Ubuntu 18.04 minimal is quite nice though.
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