Fuck arch.

I know what you're thinking
"arch isn't that bad he's overreacting"


Thanks to me trying to install Arch i cant get my laptop to boot. It just say some thing about network boot failing. I cant go into BIOS either. It doesn't work! I cant even boot from usb!! It still just say some thing about network boot failing, shows some weird black screen with a black bar at the top left and after a while shows some thing about network boot failing again and that repeats

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    @fuck2code remove the cmos battery*
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    It seems that it's trying to boot from the network and not the local hard drive which is why it's ignoring the usb and stuff.
    Arch isn't known for doing this upon installation.
    People are.

    Anyway fuck2code had some advice if you go higher up
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    If you dont know what you are doing, perhaps Linux Mint is something for you.
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    Laughed out loud at some of the most cliche ‘linux people’ replies I’ve ever read.

    I don't mean this in a negative way -- I just saw the humour in it. I use Manjaro myself as all the Arch config is something that I don't have the time or need for.
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    @Linux that roast :D
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    ------------ UPDATE ------------

    I got it to work!
    I found out that the headphone button can also be used to start the computer in a mode where you can choose if you want to boot bios settings and etc.
    In the bios then i disabled secure mode and network boot and it worked

    As some of you said, it was not arch Linuxes fault this happend, but mine.

    I also feel really stupid for not knowing about that goddarn headphone button.
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    Its lovely that that's working. Do you know how you messed it up? @HampusMa
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    @Dummybugger I somehow enabled secure boot and network boot.

    Network boot caused it to loop and say something about a error

    Secure boot caused so i couldn't boot from usb because it was "blocked by the current security policy"
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    When I first tried installing arch it yelled at me in black-on-red font that I need to disable secure boot and network boot. It didn't let me to proceed without doing that so I disabled it and everything worked out good. I don't know if it's something that was removed or is it because I have UEFI or maybe it's not even a part of arch installer and maybe something else, but I imagine same thing would happen to me if it didn't tell me about that.
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