I hate PHP. Because of its bad reputation... In fact, i kinda avoid learning it.
Anyway, I Got a good offer.. but their stack is mostly done in laravel...
Shit.. what should I do?

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    Take upon yourself to learn a good language despite its bad reputation from people that have no idea what they're talking about. PHP is quite powerful and the code quality mostly depends on the developer itself.

    Learn it correctly, produce good code, enjoy.

    @linuxxx Could probably gives more arguments if needed.
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    Especially if it's in Laravel. If you don't even know php but still hate it then it's not php that's bad.. :p
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    PHP has a bad reputation for the same reasons as wordpress (although wordpress deserves it in this case)

    Stupid people making stupid decisions and creating ass munching code bases... unfortunately you will find the same problems and vomit spaghetti in almost any other language if you look hard enough.

    Read up and learn PSR standards and phpunit and you’ll come out on top of all that nonsense of battering down a perfectly good language.

    Yes I will admit PHP has its quirks but you’ll learn to love them, or write wrapper classes to fix them in your projects so they don’t haunt you.
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    "I hate PHP. Because of its bad reputation..." So you must not write any code then. Every language has some group of developers that say it sucks and it has a bad reputation.
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    PHP isn't that bad.

    It's a bit like Java with inferior syntax and weak typing. Well, at least it's not JavaScript.
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    Really? Because other people say it stucks you avoid it completely?
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    @incognito not just because of other people complains.. but also because the php dev has become cheaper than before.. isn't that a red flag?
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    @papel Look how much percent of the web PHP currently runs, it's the first by a landslide (83.5%).

    Source: https://w3techs.com/technologies/...
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    A language sucking is not a reason to avoid learning it. Sucky languages can still be useful.

    PHP sucks from a language design pow but it can perform really well (unless you use frameworks like laravel in which case the share nothing execution model will slow things down significantly) and it has libraries for pretty much everything even remotely web related.

    I'd say take the job, learn php and rant about its warts.
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    @Jilano Not much to add!
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    @ItsNotMyFault Is the only person actually describing the language.

    PHP does suck as a language, but it has been around for so long you can find basically anything -- help, libraries, etc. -- without much trouble. (It is also better than it was, but only so much). It's also pretty performant now.

    PHP will bite you. It will be awful. But once you learn how to dance around it's ugliness (and teeth), you can make anything you like. It just won't be enjoyable to build.

    It is still worth learning, however, as you'll learn quite a bit. (And unfortunately, you still find php everywhere.)
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    @Root If I ever have to sign up on a dating app, I will use your third paragraph as an introduction.
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    You are a weird one, @Jilano
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    @Root Haha, not the first time I hear that!

    That being said, I do agree (to some extent) with what you and @ItsNotMyFault said about PHP. And it's definitely something worth looking into for devs in general.
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    Programming languages are tools and a good craftsman doesn't avoid tools he doesn't like.

    I also find this story slightly bogus. No one gets all the way upto a job offer if they don't even want the tech stack.
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    @hashedram actually, they want to refactor their stack and move to java, scala, go or serverless. But, since their solution is on production, im afraid ill have to deal with php for a long time. Just that
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