I recently started naming my devices in a certain scheme:
Laptop - Sagittarius (central black hole in the milky way)
Server - Sirius (brightest star visible from Earth)
Pi - Centauri (closed star system to us)
Any iot devices would be named like unnamed planets (i.e. Centauri A, Centauri B, ...)

Do some of you have cool/interesting naming schemes for your devices?

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    I used to have an external HD called ‘Long John Silver’. That’s where i kept all my pirated software.
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    I use Star Wars. My nas is TheEmpire, desktop is DeathStar, pi is rebelalliance etc etc lol
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    I'm such a simple ton. I literally just to with whatever purpose it serves and number.

    So lotd-gamer-0, lotd-devtop-0, lotd-nas-1 and so on
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    Isnt the brightest star from earth the sun?
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    I call my computers as sesamestreet characters

    My home server is Bert
    My laptop is Ernie
    My game PC is Pino (the dutch name for the big bird)

    My phones are childrens cartoons.
    My main phone is called Dora
    My windows phone is called Bob the Builder
    My old android dev device and my firefox OS phone still need to be named.
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    My portables are called
    My workstation is called WJ-WS-01
    My hotspots are called WJSpot-##

    My servers are called hamilton, lynch, dayton and houston (these old american dudes)
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    @Codex404 @wjclub on Telegram ;D
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    I used planets from the solar system.

    For my WLANs I use random chemical elements.

    For my PCs I use the noble gases.

    Other ideas: botanical names, scientists, moons of a planet, minerals, stones
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    My user name is hashedram wherever I go.

    My phone is hashed_phone
    My laptop is hashed_sys
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    I use Isaac Asimov references.
    General, my devices are named after planets and users after characters.

    So, daneel@trantor, fastolfe@terminus, that sort of thing.
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    I use character names from Chrono Trigger lol
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    Lolek (translated to idiot), loki (mischevious god), marvin (depressed robot)... Names for my laptop & I wonder why it won't work 😂😂😂
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    An intern was tasked with naming and create stickers for our tablets (we have lots of them as we create tablet apps), as referring to them by their model or identifier was not convenient for non-devs who couldn't differentiate them.

    Being young, she decided we should use first-gen Pokemon names. Now all our internal tablets (apart from demo ones, to keep our credibility) are named after a first-gen Pokemon.

    On my right, I have Seel (Galaxy Tab A 10.1) and on my left Ninetales (iPad Air 3rd generation). We also have Rattata, the 3 starters, Eevee and a few of its evolutions.
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    I used to use volcanos(denali, orizaba, vinson, fuji, vesuvius, pinatubo, elbrus, hood, rainier, etna, kilimanjaro) and used mountains from Middle Earth for VMs(taras, dolmed, rerir, rudh, fanuidhol, celebdil, methedras, etc) until I started using towns from Final Fantasy 2/4(agart, fabul, tomra, eblan, kokkol, toroia, etc). Now, I have just regular mountains(evans and bierstadt) and totally random(woo and cans). My two Windows VMs are called plague and pestilence.
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    Internal servers: Star Trek actors names
    External servers: Star Trek characters
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