Dropped my phone on tile and the screen shattered. The best part? I dropped it flat on its back.

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    I dropped my 200$ LG phone dozens of time in 3 years but surprisingly it survived longer than I expected. Apple does it on purpose.
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    @hack I’ve had to replace the screen on this thing by hand 2 separate times. Still using a 5.
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    @hack I’ve dropped my iPhone multiple times today. Still in one piece 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 try harder :P
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    I've dropped my Xiaomi phone many times and it isn't broken (has a few bumps and scratches but that's all), my brother's Xiaomi phone on the other hand broke within a week.
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    Stop buying Apple
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    buy a phone with extra strong glass, like my Moto E. best decision of my life.
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    Motorola Moto X4: Drop it dozens of times per day and still nothing.
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    @git-gud If it's first gen Moto e , given its internal memory.....how do manage these days !!
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    @codepirate lineageOS 14.1 up and running :)
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    This is Apple for you. This is just my opinion, but their phones are so weak and so locked up you almost always have to use Apple if you want to use any of their devices.

    Money-grabbing scammy cumstains... They used to be great, but imo they've changed. Yes, they have some good stuff, but they're entire existence is so introverted it's insane.

    And yet they're still going...

    I hate sheep. And no, not fluffy baaaaa sheep.
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    @DucksCanCode I grew up using Apple, but built a Windows machine when I was 13-14. Best decision ever. This phone is still from that era. Once it completely dies I’m switching to Android, no question about that. Apple used to be way better than they are now. You know their products suck when you do not desire any of their new computers OR phones.
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