- "Finance are too busy to look at this"
- "Finance have too much to do"
- "We can't this sorted at the minute because finance are overloaded"

Finance just sent me a request for "detailed description" for each business trip i've made. Attached is a spreadsheet report with 122 columns detailing every facet of my travel expenses that they have recorded so far. Not even just one row per trip, but one row per item, like:

- Trip 1 - Airport parking: .....
- Trip 1 - Airfare Outbound: ....
- Trip 1 - Airfare Inbound: ....

This is way you are too busy, because this is fucking ridiculous. Fix your shitty process and stop bitching.

FYI, your "detailed descriptions" can be found in the contracts we've signed, which outline all the travel needs, which you've already reviewed and signed off on. Get your shit together and stop bugging me

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    We let our worker do that shit themself and just book in the total as expense.

    Just doing the book sentence for every little thing would be nerve wrecking and drive the accountant crazy 😂
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    Most companies do this, most companies have software to make it easier.

    I get why they want to know where the money went, but as you said, tjey should know better.

    Plus, sonce they have all this data on your trip, they sjould already know what happened.
    Seems you are fealing with stupid burocrats.
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    I think this is more of a "I need to justify why I have this six-figure job" kind of situation, for Finance.
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