Is this some kind of joke...?

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    Can we get a link to the tweet? I wanna read the original tweet he replied to.
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    Javascript is being parsed by C++... It just all fucking turtles down
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    Well Office 365 has both an online and an offline version and the online one is already js (or something that compiles to js like typescript)

    And visual studio code is written in typescript.

    So to converge the offline and online versions to one code base seems logical and then js it is ;)

    So probably some parts is true at least.

    Modern js engines are fast enough and if you use typescript or some other language that crosscompiles its probably not so different.

    And another benefit would be that this new offline version would also run under mac or linux without much changes :)
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    Isn't the point of teaching something like JS or Python first to teach the basics and to introduce people to programming? That's how I always understood it.
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    But then how can I be monitored by Microsoft?
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    @Stuxnet I guess it depends on what knowledge is assumed at the beginning of the degree. Some courses taught from the start while others expect prior experience. I assume that person's degree was the latter.
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    @Wozza365 well I mean, wouldn't it make sense to start from scratch? I never had a single programming class until I got to university. The only knowledge I had came from a few days of me trying to teach myself JS and failing miserably.

    For the very first class, shouldn't you start with something easyish and teach basics. Then advance?

    (My University taught Python in the first class. Next class is Python and some Java mixed in)
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    @Stuxnet well done universities require some prior knowledge. I recall done universities I looked at in the UK's required an A level (highest non university qualification here) in computing/computer science and maths. It's quite rare though.
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