First off i'll try and describe my game in as little words as possible, think your typical survival game but crossed-over with a town management/village management game and in VR.

So this is a little old since i posted it on twitter a couple weeks back but I made some progress on a game i'm working on.

Sorry that it's a link to twitter for those that do not like twitter, i can give you a run-down of what it shows and ill figure out a way of linking the videos somehow.

I decided that I should show some progress on the game I started working on before I joined the company that I'm with now, my only issue is the amount of free time I don't have to work on it.

First video shows resource gathering, we (as in me and my brother) wanted to go with more realistic tree chopping something you would see in the forest or stranded deep, you chop a tree at the base and it will fall down, where you then can chop it into logs and planks.

The next video shows the blueprint system which is how you will craft your items like the forge, crafting table, etc. By picking the blueprint from within your book (which doubles for your UI/Menu/way to exit the game) and placing it on the ground. You then take a hammer and hit it in place to confirm the placement - I definitely want to be able to have the object be rotatable and such which i'll do in the future.

Last one shows tool dismantling system, where you can take tools/weapon apart when put on a crafting table, the idea behind this is so you can change up parts of your tool/weapon brcause individual bita will degrade and visually show wear, axe head will show chips that will get bigger and eventually break, which will leave you with just a handle. You can also jusy generally improve one piece of your weapon/tool.

Last thing that I left out as an actual video was that the map generation is all procedurally generated, all thanks to Sebastian Lague's tutorial, I managed to finish it and will definitely be exploring ways to create awesome maps to play on.

Everything is mostly from when I worked on this game in december with a few things that I did recently when I get the chance I will do lots of overhauling and work to making a demo version of the game!

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