They said I needed to keep my commit messages "PG13".

What they failed to realize is every PG13 movie is allowed 1 instance of "fuck".

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    does"fuckity-fuck" count as one word?
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    Once in a while I feel that ++ is not enough and we should be allowed to give way more points.
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    @Elkstorm yeah like can I save up my upvotes for this one?
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    I feel that film writers need to take advantage of that. Once gratuitous scene for a opera singer to belt out FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK for a good 2 minutes.
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    Congratulations you played yourself
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    8ef6ab528 "fucking changes"
    c7ad8947a "fixed the fucked layout"
    812acb618 "like I give a fuck"
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