It's weird reading about everyone bitching about their PM / manager, and I'm here and have the best boss anyone can ask for. I work from home whenever I want, if I work extra I can always take that extra time off. If I work weekends I get 100% overtime pay. If I want to learn new tech for a project he tells me to go nuts.

What I'm really trying to say here is.. in all yo faces I guess. \o/

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    I hope I get a boss like this on my job. Looking for one now
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    I love my boss and we have a great working environment. I'd like to get more time off based on how many extra hours I work, but all in all it's a good working situation.
    But I'm still curious where you work, and if there are job openings ;)
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    @rant I work in Iron Mountain in Norway :) Not an IT company, but most our solutions are developed in house :) and no openings. There are elsewhere, but other countries dont have it quite as good as we do here :p
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    in Norway everything is easy going.
    6 hour workday, shit jobs are done by the swedes and the even more shitier jobs by the baltics. All because 65 million years ago some poor animals died at the shore of norway. Oil made norway one lf the richest country in the world. The norwegian goverment owns nearly half of europes real estate thanks to its 900+ billion dollar oil fund.
    At a population at only 5 million you have to travel far to get a job. If you like beautiful nature vistit norway folks!

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    @heyheni actually we work 7.5 hrs. Other than that, spot on! :P
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    @yusijs You are a freelancer, are n't you?
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    Where do you work??

    Are you your own PM?
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    well, you can really rant about a great boss ;) my PM is great too :D *fistbump*
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    Haha same here dude, same here
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    Of course there are some good PMs that have helped deliver amazing projects
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    I have a boss like this. He's so awesome. I think he gets more excited about new tech than we do. He treats tech debt like a penny pincher treats credit cards. Fun fact, I'm now the most productive I've ever been. I wish my past PMs could read this.
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    Having a laid back boss is a double edged sword. Mine is really nice, gives time off at a moments notice, I get to remote work once a week. Lots of interesting projects.

    However, organisation is shot in the foot. He tried to get people to move to Slack. We currently use ICQ. Half the team migrated. The others didn't like it and such with ICQ. Only in the last year, my colleagues have started moving to using a versioning system.
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    @Knossos fortunately its not like that - we're a small team, and generally we agree on most stuff. Everything else gets discussed, with him having the final word.
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