This guy does not give a fuck. I like him.

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    Hold the fuck on is this an actual option?
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    @Maciek they're still storing data from an EU citizen and site's are technically not allowed to make the entire site unusable. ungiven permission doesn't count. technically you can even be sued if you're not hosting in the EU.
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    @balte So you need to have the GPDR and are not allowed to forbid EU users to use this site.
    How unfair is that?
    That like the EU saying: "If there is a site that is not for us or doesn't have or terms included, we have the right to sue you."

    Just try that with sites targeting the us only or other countries. Happy suing!
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    @balte @LinusCDE IMHO the EU can go fuck itself.
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    @LinusCDE you're stating that as if gdpr is some evil policy on itself. it's just there to protect us from the evil.
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    @balte No, I just wanted to point out how selfish the EU sounds if they would be able to sue every site that doesn't even target any EU citizens.
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    @LinusCDE it'd be better if all these shit companies had some ethical values in the first place :D
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    @balte Fully agree. I just hope that the GDPR will truely protect users. As of now, most are afraid of getting sued over their small site/blog.
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    From my understanding of the GDPR, this is technically legal. The first page is static with no tracking whatsoever so ever. If you count this warning as an EULA (which it effectively is), then the host cannot be sued for tracking a user who broke the EULA. Of course, IANAL.
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    @balte @LinusCDE what about Article 13 in which the EU will probably try to pull off the same thing. https://saveyourinternet.eu/
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