NASA using Node.js to build a mission control framework. I just hope they don't get discouraged by the haters 😃


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    I guess the astronauts are going to get callback hell from Houston.
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    @azzuwan I guess those days of callback hell are over
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    @coookie It's a joke. Don't call Houston, Houston will call you while calling you, while calling you, while calling you, while calling you.Why? because it's callback hell!
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    relax dudes, it's just a dashboard, like the other 999999 dashboard templates out there.
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    Haters gona hate,
    Potatoes gona potate,
    And Satellites gona rotate ...or umm revolve .
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    @basanth swoooshhhhhh.. evening news! a joke was reported flown past a man's head a few seconds ago. The man is now in stable condition only suffering from misconception and missing the point.
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    @azzuwan because the point was revolving around him. ;)
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    Why are people hating on languages and frameworks? :/ if you don't like them - don't use them.
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